Upgrade your production with real-time collaborative screenwriting and smart version control. Made by Scripto.

Collaborate Live

Now your writing staff can work together, instead of shouting ideas at the one person whose computer is hooked up to a projector. No more looking over someone's shoulder while they type, or fighting the urge to check your phone. No more interrupting the room's momentum to correct the typo you noticed. No more asking the Writer's Assistant to scroll up so you can see that one thing that changed in the previous scene.
Using Showrunner, you'll see changes reflect instantly whether your collaborators are in the same room, across the country, or deep beneath the sea. (Underwater data signal not included.)

Stay Organized

Showrunner's flexible folder system takes the chaos out of finding the latest version of any script. There's no cobbling together drafts from emails, network drives, or files stuck on someone else's computer. Everything lives in the same place, in the same format, whether you're writing full episodes, outlines, punch-ups, or character sketches.
In Showrunner you can store scripts inside folders, and folders inside other folders, as deep as you want to go. Want to share a script directly? Just link to it in Slack. It is our sincere goal to help you rely less on work email.

Track Revisions

From development through production, the only constant is change. Showrunner makes it easy to name drafts and compare them to each other. You can easily generate industry-standard "asterisks" PDFs to show what's changed between your current script and any prior draft, not just the most recent revision.
Even better, if you're desperate to remember that one line you loved in the first draft but cut after the table read, you can go back in time to see what it was and rescue it from the dustbin of history.