Our Team

We're a proudly remote company working all around the US of A. Shoutout to Slack, Zoom, and Github for making it possible.

Stephen Colbert photo
Stephen Colbert
New York, NY
Evelyn McGee-Colbert photo
Evelyn McGee-Colbert
New York, NY
Rob Dubbin photo
Rob Dubbin
Founder, CEO
The Catskills, NY
Rusty Foster photo
Rusty Foster
Portland, ME
Todd Kennedy photo
Todd Kennedy
Senior Engineer
Seattle, WA
Jhoanna Ilagan photo
Jhoanna Ilagan
Operations Lead
Pasadena, CA
Amanda Pickering photo
Amanda Pickering
Brooklyn, NY
Melissa Thomas photo
Melissa Thomas
Louisville, KY
Nate Goldman photo
Nate Goldman
Portland, OR
Stephie Grob Plante photo
Stephie Grob Plante
Assistant to the CEO
Austin, TX
Amit Runchal photo
Amit Runchal
Product Specialist
Los Angeles, CA